The Mission to Save The Galileo Shuttlecraft!

The Restoration of the Shuttlecraft Galileo

The original filming set of the Galileo has been in storage in Ohio for the past twenty years.  While an extensive restoration was undertaken in the 1990′s, the Galileo is in very bad shape.

We have acquired the Galileo and it is being restored by Master Shipwrights in New Jersey. We expect restoration costs to be over $ 100,000 to get it to its original state.

Note that we are a team of dedicated, experienced professionals (who just happen to be total Star Trek geeks too).  This is being undertaken as a non-profit operation.  Fans can be assured that we will:

  • Restore the Galileo in the most professional and accurate way possible.
  • Make the Galileo available for fans to see and tour the Galileo for the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek.
  • Find a permanent home for the Galileo in a museum that will guarantee she is always available for public viewing in a safe, indoor environment.