Save The Galileo Shuttlecraft!

Help us restore the Galileo and share it with all Star Trek fans!

The original filming set of the Galileo has been in storage in Ohio for the past twenty years.  While an extensive restoration was undertaken in the 1990’s, the Galileo is in very bad shape.

This Galileo Restoration Project intends to acquire the Galileo, put it in a non-profit 501 (c) (3) corporation, run by a team of professionals.   If we successfully acquire the Galileo, we will transport the Galileo to the chosen restoration facility.  We expect restoration costs to be over $ 100,000 to get it to its original state. We will then have a fundraiser on Kickstarter to raise the money to restore Galileo.

Note that we are a team of dedicated, experienced professionals (who just happen to be total Star Trek geeks too).  Fans can be assured that we will:

1)  Restore the Galileo in the most professional and accurate way possible.

2)  Make the Galileo available for fans to see and tour the Galileo for the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek.

3)  Find a permanent home for the Galileo in a museum that will guarantee she is always available for public viewing in a safe, indoor environment.



Alec Peters is the founder of Propworx, which has handled studio prop & costume auctions for Battlestar Galctica, Stargate, Iron Man and Iron Man 2, as well as the official CBS licensed Star Trek auction.  Alec is an attorney by training who is smart enough never to have practiced and has started 5 companies.  Alec assists CBS with the Star Trek Archive.

Adam Schneider is Principal at Deloitte and one of the premier collectors of Star Trek screen used ship filming miniatures.  He owns over a dozen miniatures including an original Deep Space Nine filming model, Zefram Cochrane’s Phoenix filiming miniature from First Contact, and the Space Dock holding the Enterprise A in The Motion Pictures.